Architecture and Archaeology
Master’s Degree

    The Master’s degree in Architecture and Archaeology, offered jointly by ENSAS and the Faculty of Historical Sciences of the University of Strasbourg, is a specialized course in the field of ancient and medieval architecture, aimed at students who wish to study the history and techniques of these architectures or to focus on the practice of heritage enhancement. Its purpose is professional.


    During the first year, the students improve in seminars on the history, typology, techniques and architectural decoration of ancient and medieval architecture.

    In the second year, teaching is organized around specialized fields:

    • Techniques of surveying and representation of architectural remains
    • Computer graphics applied to archaeology
    • Methods of archaeology: excavation, stratigraphy, recording
    • Archaeology of construction
    • Construction techniques
    • Historiography and restitution methodology
    • Theories and practices of restoration
    • Valorization of the archaeological heritage and development of sites.

    Teaching combines both lectures, TD and TP, and, to a large extent, workshops and internships on archaeological sites, restoration sites of historic monuments, etc., which are designed to be places of practical training but also professional situations.


    Candidates who have validated their first year of Master’s degree within university programs in archaeology, history of art or architecture.
    Candidates who are architects or archaeologists.

    ► Twelve to fifteen places are open each year.


    Promotions are limited to 12-15 students.

    The criteria selected are essentially the interest in ancient or medieval architecture, under its scientific or heritage aspects. For archaeologists, collaboration with architects, and for architects, contact with archaeology, are important criteria (but neither exclusive nor sufficient).


    Apply to the Faculty of Historical Sciences of Strasbourg.

    NB: Holders of a Bachelor’s degree (in Architecture or Historical Sciences) who would like to integrate it must first follow the first year of this Master’s degree at the University of Strasbourg.


    Diploma requirement: concerns candidates who have validated (or are in the process of validating) their first year of a Master’s degree within university courses in archaeology, art history or architecture.

    NB: Candidates from outside the European Union, please follow the following procedure DAP

    Admission procedure :

    • First session: Selection on the basis of a dossier, to be submitted by 10 June, 2022.
      Interview before a joint selection committee on Wednesday, End of June, 2022. 
    • Second session: Selection on the basis of a dossier, to be submitted by 2 September, 2022.
      Interview before a joint selection committee on Wednesday, Mid-September


    Research and higher education; preventive archaeology; management of archaeological sites; heritage professions; liberal architecture.

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