A school of architecture in Strasbourg,
a century of history

“In June 1914, a few days before the assassination of Sarajevo, the architect Theo Berst spoke out against the war and published a plea for art: “Ars rather than Mars 1”. In it, he imagined, in a premonitory way, the creation in Strasbourg of a “Higher School for Architecture and its Neighboring Domains”. A school that would go beyond national borders to bring together the best artists of both countries, that would bring together Adolf von Hildebrand, to whom Strasbourg owed the statue of the “Vater Rhein”, and Auguste Rodin, some of whose works had been exhibited there in 1907 at the Exhibition of Contemporary French Art; a school that would bring together sections of architecture, furniture, painting, sculpture, chiseling, ceramics and others. In short, a “school of applied arts where one would freely teach how craftsmanship is sublimated by art”. A precursor for Strasbourg, this project of bringing together the teaching of architecture and the crafts related to it was also a precursor for pedagogy, heralding what will be done at the Bauhaus..”

Anne-Marie CHÂTELET - https://chmcc.hypotheses.org/2966


Creation in Paris of the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts and its architecture section.


Decree establishing the Regional Schools of Architecture.


Decree creating the Regional School of Architecture of Strasbourg.


Inauguration of the School at the Rhine Palace.


Closure of the School during the Second World War.


Decree abolishing the architecture section of the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts and instituting a transitional regime for studies.
The School becomes the “Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning of Strasbourg”.


Decree attaching the teaching of architecture to the Ministry of Culture and ratifying the creation of teaching units of architecture.


Ornano’s reform transferring the teaching of architecture to the Ministry of the Environment and the Living Environment, then to the Ministry of Equipment.


Decree specifying the missions of the Schools and the organization of their teaching.


Decree establishing the School as a public administrative institution.


Inauguration of the School’s new premises, the Garage located on Wilson Boulevard.


Schools of architecture come under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture.


Organization of architectural studies in three cycles.


Decree instituting the License Master Doctorate program in the Schools. The School becomes the École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Strasbourg.


Interministerial decree associating the School with the University of Strasbourg.

Inauguration of the School’s new building, the Fabrique.


Inauguration of the rehabilitated building “le Garage”.


Inauguration of the Lighting experimental laboratory.

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