With its rich cultural and academic heritage, Strasbourg places higher education and research at the heart of its priorities. France’s 8th largest city in terms of population is home to a community of over 60,000 students and offers all the advantages of a major French and European city. It is the seat of the European institutions, and its proximity to Germany and Switzerland enriches its international culture.


The city is large in terms of its values, yet it remains human in scale. A champion of soft mobility (1st tram network and 1st cycling city in France), it can be crossed mainly by bike, by tram to Germany, or even on foot, to take advantage of its Grande Île and its Neustadt, both classified as UNESCO World Heritage sites. Nature in the city is widely cultivated and encouraged: family and shared gardens, zero pesticide programme, collective composting, etc.

Strasbourg pont

By train, you can easily access the great outdoors, the Wine Route, the charms of the Vosges, the Black Forest and the surrounding regional nature parks. As the seat of many international organisations, Strasbourg is a cosmopolitan city, ideal for meeting people of all nationalities and attending events of European or international scope. This situation offers the opportunity to give a transnational angle to a professional and civic student career. There is no shortage of cultural and sporting activities: cycling or canoeing, FabLab, museums, media libraries, swimming pools, concert halls, the Strasbourg National Theatre, TJP, festivals of all kinds, the Rhine National Opera, the Strasbourg Philharmonic, etc.

Strasbourg is the culture of doing and living together, the culture of the stammtisch: getting together around a good table to debate and exchange!

The city celebrates the diversity of its cultures through a committed programme of events and cultural activities that reach out to its inhabitants. The new real estate programmes and urban development projects encourage meeting places: the rehabilitation projects of the Manufacture des Tabacs or La Coop, future places of good living, betray the cooperative state of mind that makes the city vibrant.


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