• Candidates from France or the EU who hold or are preparing for a baccalaureate in any speciality or foreign equivalent, or a DAEU (French equivalent)
  • Candidates who can validate studies, professional experience or personal experience (VAE) related to the profession of architecture.

If you are from a non-EU country, you must follow the DAP procedure (check with the French embassy or the CEF in your country of origin).


Step 1

Pre-registration on until April 8, 2021. The entire application form is entered online. 
It is composed of notes (see notes taken into account below) and a cover letter. This letter is taken into account at the time of the interview (step 3).

A pre-registration fee of 37 euros (exemption for scholarship applicants) will be requested from all candidates; except for the DAP procedure for foreigners outside the European Union. 

Step 2

Eligibility based on academic record: for senior high school students enrolled in French high schools, the commission makes a proposal based on an analysis of the academic record from the results obtained in première and terminale. 

FOR GENERAL, TECHNOLOGY AND PRO BACS: The grades of the Common Base courses are taken into account: French, philosophy, LV1, history-geography, science education. The grades of EPS, LV2 and moral and civic education are not taken into account.

FOR THE GENERAL BAC: All specialties are taken into account (no recommendations). Options are not taken into account.

FOR THE PRO AND TECHNOLOGICAL BAC: Specialties and options specific to each baccalaureate are taken into account as long as they are related to the first year of architectural studies. For example: Design and applied arts, architecture and construction, technological innovations and eco-design, physics and chemistry, applied arts, artistic education…

FOR BACHELORS REGISTERED IN HIGHER EDUCATION OR IN THE PREPARATORY YEAR, the board will formulate a proposal based on an analysis of the academic file using the results obtained in the bachelor’s degree (and in architecture-related training, if applicable). 

Step 3


The interview is conducted by two ENSAS teachers and lasts 20 minutes. It consists of an oral image commentary, followed by an exchange with the teachers to assess his motivation and general culture based on the secondary school curriculum. The candidate has 5 minutes of preparation time and chooses two images from a varied selection.

Please note: the data entered by the candidates will be systematically checked during the interview.Any fraud or attempted fraud in the information seized or documents provided may result in sanctions that may go as far as the cancellation of the file and the withdrawal of the eventual application for admission, without prejudice to any legal proceedings that may be instituted.

Invitation to interviews via the website “parcoursup” April 26, 2021

Intake interviews from May 10 to 14, 202
Interviews take place on site or by video depending on the health situation and in the event that the candidate lives at a distance of more than 1000 km, the interview will be held automatically by video.

Step 4


It is based on the average academic record (coefficient 1) and the interview score (coefficient 1).

Étape 5


via the website “parcoursup” according to the official procedure from May 27th onwards
No results will be communicated by telephone.


Double applications are not allowed. Candidates applying in year 2, 3 or 4 cannot apply in parallel in year 1 via admission-postbac. 

Non-French speaking candidates from the European Union will have to prove a B2 level of knowledge of the French language at least.

Incomplete or late applications will not be processed. It is recommended to check the date of sending at the post office on the envelope.
Any fraud or attempted fraud in the information entered or documents provided may lead to sanctions that may include cancellation of the file and withdrawal of the eventual application for admission, without prejudice to any legal action that may be taken.