Research webinar

Infrastructural transitions in project

«Infrastructural transitions in project»

This AMUP-ENSAS/CAUP-Tongji seminar is the first joint research event organized after the forced break induced by the covid 19 pandemic. It is the occasion to renew and reinforce the academic exchange between the professors and researchers of our two institutions.
Focused on infrastructural transition issues, the seminar proposes an intercultural confrontation of points of view and approaches illustrated by the latest research work produced within our institutions in the last years.
The infrastructural question, seen through the critical lens of planetary livability (environmental concerns, climate change issues, sustainability/resilience goals, etc.) invites a large interpretation. The responses range from points of view on more conventional mobility systems, to biodiversity and living ecosystems, to new lifestyles and societal values influencing our relationship to resources and their infrastructural organization. Ultimately, the seminar aims to seize the infrastructural transition at work in Europe and in China, while also discussing the cultural values of the transition project.

09h40 – 09h45 Welcoming address

09h45 – 10h30
Moderator : Chen CHEN, Associate Head of the Department of Urban Planning, Tongji University

Prof. ZHUO Jian, CAUP - Tongji University
Active Mobility & spatial transformations

Assoc. Prof. Andreea GRIGOROVSCHI, ENSA Strasbourg - AMUP RU
Projectual modes. Sustainable Mobility & Bioethical infrastructures

Assist. Prof. HUANG Huang, CAUP - Tongji University
(Im)mobility at the urban-rural interface 

Assoc. Prof. Valérie LEBOIS, ENSA Strasbourg - AMUP RU
Habitat, neighbourhood and ecological transition

Prof. YANG Chen, CAUP - Tongji University
Habitat, community and cultural heritage studies 

10H30 – 10h40 Coffee break

10h40 – 11h20 
Moderator : Jeremy HAWKINS, Lecturer, ENSAS, AMUP Research Unit

Lecturer Jeremy HAWKINS, ENSA Strasbourg - AMUP RU
Poetic Urbanism: creative approaches to spatial design

Assoc. Prof. LI Qing, CAUP - Tongji University
Urban design through multiple dimensions

Prof. Mathieu MERCURIALI, ENSA Strasbourg - AMUP RU
Infrastructures of the Living

Assoc. Prof. GAN Jing, CAUP - Tongji University
Biodiversity conservation and nature perception 

Prof. Angelo BERTONI, ENSA Strasbourg - AMUP RU
Regional and Urban planning: Mobility Chair perspectives

11h20-12h00 Collaborative Research Perspectives & Conclusive remarks