Accreditation for state certified
architect to manage projects
in their own name (HMONP)

HMONP (Habilitation à l’exercice de la maîtrise en son nom propre): les (ré)inscriptions sont ouvertes du 13 septembre au 26 octobre inclus !

Consultez l’onglet »Admission» pour connaître la marche à suivre.

The training for the authorization to practice as a project manager in one’s own name has the objective of allowing the state-qualified architect to bear the title of architect after registration with the Order of Architects. The training also enables him/her to master the conditions of his/her entry into the profession regulated under the law of January 3, 1977 on architecture, and to assume the responsibilities that result from this.

The involvement of teachers and practising architects working in the Rhine basin, and the possibility to carry out a professional experience in Switzerland or Germany, give the ENSAS training a cross-border anchorage that multiplies the professional perspectives of the laureates.


(non-exhaustive list) 

  • the legal framework for public and private orders ;
  • the different actors;
  • the stakes and contractual responsibilities;
  • the content of the architect’s missions;
  • estimation of target costs and overall costs;
  • understanding the building site;
  • identify the participants;
  • understanding the different ways of practicing the profession of architect in France and in Europe;
  • the legal framework;
  • the economic and social management of the architectural firm, etc.
  • The training takes place from December to June, over two days of classes every two weeks, on Fridays and Saturdays.



The objective of the professional dissertation is to develop a written work structured around a given problem, by comparing the professional experience acquired during the professional situation with the theoretical contributions of the training.


During the training, state qualified architects must prove a 6 months professional experience in a structure exercising project management.

The training is accessible to architects who hold a state diploma or a title admitted by dispensation or equivalence.


HMONP 2020/2021 registration opens from September 20 to October 22: 

On-line applications on this site:

Click on “Create a folder”, then select the admission session “Authorization to mastery in one’s own name”. Make sure to write down your file number, you will then be able to access it later via the “File number” tab (please do not create several successive files).

WARNING: For candidates applying for validation of studies, professional experience or personal experience (VAEEP), a paper file must be submitted by October 22nd at the latest. After that date:

  • from November 19, announcement of admission results and registration instructions by email;
  • December 4th (room and format to be determined).

Download the admission file:



From September 28th to October 29th: online administrative re-registrations on the TAÏGA student portal (online payment) :

NB: students who have not activated their ENT account must do so in order to re-register (“My digital services” notice to download opposite). In case of activation or account connection problems, please contact


1. connect to the TAïGA student portal ;
2. set yourself on the “2020-21” school year (tab on the left at the bottom of the page);
3. check the accuracy of the contact information in the “Personal” tab (email, phone number and address) ;
4. select the registration cycle “HMONP” (tab “Year 2020-21” -> “Online Registration”) ;
5. complete the re-registration and payment by following the instructions given online.

(heading “Personnel -> Personal files”) BEFORE 29 OCTOBER

  • a certificate of civil liability insurance that covers school activities 2020/2021 ;
  • an amendment to the signed protocol;
  • a copy of the employment contract or promise of employment in case of a change of structure;
  • a passport photograph (optional).

The HMONP, the authorization to project management in one’s own name, allows the registration with the Order of Architects, the wearing of the title of Architect, and thus the signature of a building permit. One can practice as a freelance architect or become an associate in an architectural firm.