Any student who has obtained a State Diploma in Architecture (DEA - conferring the Master’s degree) can start a thesis at the university of his or her choice. At ENSAS, doctoral training is organised in partnership with the Doctoral School of Human and Social Sciences - European Perspectives of the University of Strasbourg (ED 519).

The “research” course, proposed from the master’s cycle onwards, is designed to deepen the training provided in the framework of the dissertation and to provide a more in-depth introduction to research methods. It is a form of doctoral preparation for students who wish to do so.

For those who wish to embark on doctoral studies in urban architecture, since 2005 ENSAS has created the Master (M2 level) Urban Planning and Development, speciality: Architecture, Structures and Urban Projects (Aspu), co-accredited by the University of Strasbourg, ENSAS and the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Strasbourg (Insa).


ENSAS teacher-researchers and doctoral students carry out their activities mainly within the following units :

AMUP, UR 7309
ENSAS / INSA Strasbourg

Architecture, Morphogenesis / Urban Morphology, Projects.

arche, UR 3400
Strasbourg universitY

Arts, Civilisation, and History of Europe.


ENSAS / CAUP Tongji University.
Research, experimentation and training on sustainable mobility in metropolises.


Enlargement of knowledge and breakthrough innovation through experimentation in extreme environments (space and the planets of the solar system, the oceanic and submarine universe, high mountains, deserts, etc.).

Research program on the history of architectural education.


Teaching the ecological transition in schools of architecture.

IRAA (Research Institute of Ancient Archaeology)
Regular cooperation in the framework of the Master in Architecture and Archaeology.