Diploma in Architectural studies

The first cycle of studies, which lasts three years, leads to the Diploma of Architectural Studies conferring the degree of Bachelor of Architecture (DEEA)..These three years are devoted to the acquisition of the basics of an architectural culture, design processes, understanding and practice of the architectural project.



The courses of this cycle are organised over 6 semesters worth 180 European credits. This cycle comprises 4 200 hours of student work, of which 2 200 hours are supervised by teachers.


Two compulsory internships of a minimum duration of four weeks.


The target level for a Bachelor’s degree in English or German is B2, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.


Carried out during the third year of the cycle, the study report is a personal written work (of synthesis and reflection) on the questions raised on the basis of work already carried out, teaching received and/or internships carried out. It is the subject of an oral presentation.


The Diploma of Studies in Architecture, Bachelor’s degree, is awarded by a jury composed of half of teachers representing the EU integrating the project, one representative of an EU integrating the study report, one graduate EU official and two PhDs (one of whom is a teacher-researcher). Only students who have obtained the required 180 credits receive the Diploma of Studies in Architecture and are allowed to register for a Master’s degree.



The first year of the cycle is organised in two semesters and nine teaching units (four in the first semester, five in the second semester) corresponding to 753 supervised hours and 60 European credits.

Semestre 1 
UEL 111 Projet et représentation 160H - 15 ects
UEL 112 Histoire et culture 86H - 7 ects 
UEL 113 Sciences et techniques 60H - 4 ects 
UEL 115 Arts Plastiques 66H - 4 ects

Semestre 2 
UEL 121 Projet et représentation 192H - 15 ects 
UEL 122 Histoire et culture 48H - 4 ects 
UEL 123 Sciences et techniques 38H - 4 ects 
UEL 124 Villes, territoires, sociétés 66H - 5 ects 
UEL 125 Arts plastiques 37H - 2 ects 


The second year is organised in two semesters divided into nine teaching units (five in the first semester, four in the second) representing 734 supervised hours and 60 European credits. 

Semestre 3
UEL 211 Projet et représentation 172H - 13 ects
UEL 212 Histoire et culture 36H - 4 ects
UEL 213 Sciences et techniques 66H - 7 ects 
UEL 214 Villes, territoires et sociétés 48H - 4 ects 
UEL 215 Arts plastiques 36H - 2 ects 

Semestre 4
UEL 221 Projet et représentation 220H - 15 ects 
UEL 222 Histoire et culture 3 36H - 4 ects 
UEL 223 Sciences et techniques 72H - 6 ects 
UEL 224 Villes, territoires et sociétés 48H - 5 ects 


The third year is organised in two semesters divided into seven teaching units (four in the first semester, three in the second) representing 713 supervised hours. The third year is the year reserved for ERASMUS international mobility. 

Semestre 5
UEL 311 Projet et représentation 212H - 14 ects
UEL 312 Histoire et culture 4 60H - 6 ects 
UEL 313 Sciences et techniques 72H - 6 ects 
UEL 314 Villes, territoires et sociétés 48H - 4 ects 

Semestre 6
UEL 321 Projet et représentation 183H - 16 ects 
UEL 322 Histoire, culture et société et rapport d’études 66H - 8 ects 
UEL 323 Sciences et techniques 72H - 6 ects

Holders of the DEEA are intended to be employed by architectural, urban planning, interior architecture or design agencies, design and engineering offices, building and public works companies, development companies, etc.

The continuation of studies, in second cycle, leads to the State Diploma of Architect conferring the grade of master.

ENSAS also offers, at the end of the second year, a professional degree in “Ecological Construction”, in partnership with the IUT Robert Schuman.

Administrative contact

Administrative contact

Licence 2021-2022

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Téléchargez le pdf

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