State Diploma of Architect

    The second cycle of studies lasting two years* leads to the state diploma of architect conferring the degree of master (DEA). These two years allow students to acquire a mastery of the issues specific to architecture and to prepare for the different modes of practice and professional fields within a personalized course.

    *except Franco-Chinese Dual Master’s degree Ensas/Shanghaï over three years.


    At ENSAS, Master’s students compose their course of study including :

    • Theoretical and technical in-depth courses;
    • a personalized program (PPE);
    • a compulsory internship of at least two months;
    • an introduction to research (thematic seminars and dissertation);
    • mobility in an institution outside the European Union in the first year of the Master’s program;
    • the End of Study Project (EYP).

    ► 30 credits are awarded per semester. The cycle is validated by capitalization of all the teaching units (average 10) in a maximum of 3 years.

    Première année du deuxième cycle

    La première année du cycle est organisée en deux semestres et en six unités d’enseignement (trois par semestre) représentant 759 heures encadrées et 60 crédits européens. 

    Semestre 7
    UEM 111 Projet 201H - 17 ects
    UEM 112 Initiation à la recherche par la recherche 1 96H - 7 ects
    UEM 113 Approfondissements théoriques et techniques 1 84H - 6 ects

    Semestre 8
    UEM 121 Projet 150 H - 14 ects
    UEM 122 Initiation à la recherche par la recherche 2 96 H - 7 ects
    UEM 123 Approfondissements théoriques et techniques 2 132 H - 9 ects

    Deuxième année du deuxième cycle 

    La deuxième année du cycle est organisée en deux semestres et en quatre unités d’enseignement (deux par semestre) représentant 441 heures encadrées et 60 crédits européens. 

    Semestre 9
    UEM 211 Projet 165 H - 16 ects
    UEM 212 Initiation à la recherche par la recherche 3 108 H - 14 ects

    Semestre 10
    UEM 221 Projet de fin d’études et soutenance 120 H - 19 ects
    UEM 222 Initiation à la recherche par la recherche 4 48 H - 11 ects


    The personalized course

    This “free” Master’s degree is valued by 3 ECTS (subject to prior validation of the project). It can be used to follow a course outside ENSAS, to participate in a workshop, an event or a student competition, to take part in the Cordées de la Réussite program, or to carry out an activity related to “student commitment” (volunteer work, investment in associations, civic service, etc.).

    The dissertation 

    The dissertation is a personal work whose objective is to train in study and research. Its elaboration begins in the first semester of the fourth year of study: 156 hours of supervised teaching over three semesters are devoted to it.

    Vertical project workshops 

    In the first semester, first and second year Master students are brought together in the vertical project workshop of their choice. This verticalization is conducive to the transmission of knowledge and the enrichment of visions and cultures.


    The ENSAS has joined forces with the School of Languages and Cultures, and the SPIRAL language center (University of Strasbourg), to deliver teaching specially calibrated for architectural practice. The objective set is the B2 level in Master.

    The study report 

    Carried out during the third year of the cycle, the study report is a personal written work (of synthesis and reflection) on the questionings carried out starting from work already carried out, teachings received and/or internships carried out. It is the subject of an oral presentation.

    Projets de Fin d’études 

    Le PFE consiste en un projet architectural ou urbain accompagné d’un rapport de présentation. Il est de nature à démontrer la capacité de l’étudiant à maîtriser la conception architecturale et à mettre en œuvre les connaissances et les méthodes de travail qu’il a acquises. À l’ENSA de Strasbourg, le PFE fait l’objet de deux soutenances :

    • une soutenance en juillet qui correspond à 30% de la note finale ; 
    • une soutenance en septembre qui correspond à 70% de la note finale.

    In addition to design, the DEA provides access to all consulting, project management assistance, technical studies, urban planning and development functions as an employee. State qualified architects can also become public servants of the State or local authorities, practice interior design, or carry out consulting assignments on behalf of the State, private individuals or local authorities.

    Le DEA permet aussi d’accéder à :

    The DEA also provides access to :

    PhD in architecture

    ENSAS is entitled to prepare for the PhD in architecture within the doctoral school “Human and Social Sciences: European Perspectives” (ED-519) of the University of Strasbourg.

    HMONP, Habilitation to project management in one’s own name

    This training is intended for holders of the state diploma of architect wishing to take on the responsibilities related to project management and allows registration on the roll of the Order of Architects.


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